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Checkpoint Zero

Checkpoint Zero (Team #4)

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  • From: Asheville, NC

  • Category: Premier Division

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    The Checkpoint Zero team is one of the consistently top performing teams in the USA -- and they have been for over a decade.

    They're wearing the #4 bib at Untamed New England for their podium finish in the 2013 Untamed New England 24-hour race (only teams with previous finishes on the Untamed New England podium earn single digit bib numbers). Historically, the multi-day Untamed New England expedition races have been won by top international teams, but the 2018 field is less international and it really opens up the front of the pack in a way that we haven't seen in many years.

    This Checkpoint Zero team has to be considered a serious contender in July 2018.

Checkpoint Zero Team Members

Michele Hobson (Captain)

Susan Alderman

Peter Jolles

Chris Von ins

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Peter has been competing in sporting events since his first 25k ski race at the age of 10. He has since branched out into running, mountain biking, orienteering and adventure racing. With 10 years of adventure racing Peter has been able to travel the world competing in 2 ARWS championship races and a long list of domestic events. When racing, Peter typically takes the role of lead navigator, guiding his teammates through whatever terrain they encounter. When not racing Peter enjoys wood working, home improvement, and cooking. Michele has been competing in sporting events most of her life. Her passion started out with basketball, than it transitioned into mountain bike racing. In the late 90’s she found herself competing in adventure racing were not many females existed. When not racing Michele enjoys spending time on her mountain bike and playing with her two retrievers. Susan started out as a long distance runner and competing in individual races. Her love for competition eventual lead her to the world of adventure racing. She has been racing competitively since 2004. When not racing Susan enjoys going for epic mountain bike rides in Bent Creek and Pisgah and spending time with her two golden retrievers. Chris started racing competitively in 2004. He is typically drawn to multi-sport endurance events but also participates in individual races from 5Ks up to week long Adventure Races. In 2013, Chris tore his ACL and meniscus while playing soccer. This led to a year off of racing and a desire to come back stronger than ever. Chris enjoys pushing the limits which has led him to pursue international multi-day races. Truly experiencing other cultures is very important to him and competing in International races has provided a unique way to do this. When not racing, Chris enjoys Bee Keeping, Home Improvement, and spending time with his dog & cat.

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