Team Profile: Team Andalucía BiciAventura

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Team Andalucía BiciAventura

Team Andalucía BiciAventura (Team #26)

  •  ShelterBox ShelterBox Fundraising: ?

  • From: Quito, Ecuador

  • Category: Premier Division

  • Recent honors:
    • Huairasinchi adventure race, mixed adventure category winners 2017
    • Ecuadorian National adventure race championship, Reto salud 2017, mixed adventure category championship winners 2017

  • Scouting Report:
    [ pending ]

Quito, Ecuador

Team Andalucía BiciAventura Team Members

Diego Camilo Mino (Captain)

Luis Perez

Alexander Perez

Jennifer Perez

Race team details

Goals for the race

It´s our first international adventure race as a team, we want to enjoy every kilometer we cover, enjoy the landscape, share experiences with all the competitors and begin and finish the race by our own and in one piece, elevating the flag of a small country but of great and warriors called Ecuador.

Previous Untamed New England Highlights

This is our first international race.

Team Inspiration

When you have trained to participate, you will be ready to learn

Team Bio Notes

A Team Profile has not been completed by the team.