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Threshold Training

Threshold Training (Team #84)

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  • From: Vermont

  • Category: Open Division

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Tyler Barnes (Captain)

Terry Collins

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TEAM BIO NOTES: For the record: This is all Ken Lubin’s (Team Executive Athlete’s) fault. A seasoned professional, Ken should know better than to extol the virtues of an expedition race like Untamed NE to a pair of individuals crazy enough to jump-into such a venture head-first with little-to-no regard for the consequences. Yet that’s exactly what Ken did when he introduced the idea to Team Threshold Training in early 2017. Ergo, this is all Ken’s fault. In the event of an emergency, please forward any invoices associated with our rescue directly to Ken. With that out of the way, here’s our Team Bio: Hailing from South Burlington, Team Threshold Training is comprised of Tyler Barnes – a washed-up former athlete who has a knack for flirting with disaster while participating in arduous endurance events, and Terry Collins – a serious, studied endurance athlete arguably in peak endurance form, who signed up for this adventure because he was told by his prospective teammate that Untamed New England was going to be at LEAST as much fun as the Monster Truck Rally at the Champlain Valley Fair. He also felt bad for Tyler. Terry and Tyler are neighbors. They will be survived by their respective spouses Sara and Meghan, and Children. TEAM INSPIRATION: Tyler: “I’ve always tried to live by the mantra that in order to truly challenge yourself, you should scare yourself a little bit each and everyday. Having spent the last 6 years starting, self-funding, and running a performance training business, I’ve found that I’ve developed a tolerance of sorts for scary endeavors. So much so, in fact, that come this June, Untamed sounded like a great idea. So I signed up, and then conned Terry into doing it with me.” Terry (as written by Tyler): “Tyler is a total nut-job. He is also my neighbor, and friend (I use the term loosely). Much as his antics can cause havoc in the neighborhood (the massive, 1:8th scale Millennium Falcon he built in his backyard and the not-quite-OSHA-approved zipline come to mind), they can on occasion be fun…and I’d feel badly if he died. Because the likelihood of that happening increases dramatically when he’s left to his own devices (I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve had to convince him that he SHOULDN’T race in the local Demolition Derby), I told him I’d race Untamed with him, provided it didn’t interrupt my training for the Berlin Marathon too badly.” ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS / RECENT HONORS Tyler: • Former Professional Triathlete (USA Triathlon’s ‘Athlete of the Year’ recipient, 2002). • Once upon a time - when people still hunted with muskets n’stuff - he was REALLY fast; • Multiple time AR, GoRuck Heavy Finisher; 3 x Endeavor Team Challenge Finisher. Finished in the top 10 twice (2014, 2015), Top 5 once (2015); • Maintains an intimate knowledge of thoroughly useless trivia and facts. Need to know who the sound engineer was for the Stones when they recorded Sticky Fingers? Or who Directed the Christopher Reeve Superman movies? Or why Shane Black was in Predator? Tyler’s your guy. Terry: • Accomplished (sub 3 hour) Masters Marathoner; • Multiple time Ride the Rockies (2011, 2014, 2015), Boston Marathon (5 x) Finisher; Qualifier, USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals; • Isn’t stoked about the prospect of seeing a Bear on course; • Can grow a SWEET mustache. Looks like vintage Tom Selleck when it comes in; has to sleep on Tyler’s sofa when it does. GOALS FOR THE RACE: 1.) Look cool. 2.) Don’t get lost. 3.) If we get lost…look cool. SPONSORS: 1.) Threshold Training LLC; 2.) Healthy Living Market and Café; 3.) Citizen Cider; 4.) Pit Viper Sunglasses.