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Indecisive but not so sure

Indecisive but not so sure (Team #17)

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  • From: London, ON

  • Category: Premier Division

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Indecisive but not so sure Team Members

Meredythe Spence (Captain)

Chad Spence

Chris Laughren

Vince Trudelle

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Each of us are returning to Untamed after getting our first taste 4 years ago. At that time, and feeling scarred for life, some of the teammates may have commented that they would never again utter the word Abenaki. In fact, if given the choice between doing that Abenaki Trek or prison, we would likely chose least they would offer water and food!? Thankfully our memories are short and we are back for another go at it with more experience under our belt. After taking a leave from expedition racing, Team Captain Meredythe is anxious to return to New England to complete the full course and hoping to keep her teammate and husband Chad dialled in as the team's primary navigator. Chad is coming off a very exciting Expedition Race in Belize earlier this year where he raced with Team Bones and finished first overall! Teammate Vince has been bulking up lately with some strength training and OCR ontop of his AR training - and although Chad and Vince may not say much while racing, they let their racing speak for themselves often dominating local AR races. Fourth teammate Chris is heading to back to New England after a few recent attempts at the ARWC’s and looking for some revenge, as the final Untamed whitewater section four years ago "dunked" his chances for finishing the course in the cold waters of river unknown. We may be indecisive about many things, but guaranteed we all have the end goal on our radar and are looking forward to seeing what awaits us this time around.

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Team provided images