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  • From: Kingston, NH

  • Category: Premier Division

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    The team has a great racing pedigree with the likes of Dave Lamb (who has raced around the world, often competing around the front of the pack) and Jeff Woods (who was on the winning team at the first Untamed New England expedition race in 2008). Mark Lattanzi races the longest, most expeditionary events in the world and literally wrote the book on adventure race navigation: Britt Mason is comparatively new to the adventure racing scene, but she has raced with Dave and Jeff many times in some of the toughest races around.

    This team is wearing race bib #1 because of Wood's first place finish in the 2008 "White Mountains" edition and Lamb's 3rd place finish in the 2010 "Indian Stream Territory" edition. There's no other race teams on the 2018 roster who can claim team members with podium finishers from different years, so this sets the team apart. Team Team Members

Dave Lamb (Captain)

Jeff Woods

Karine Corbeil

Mark Lattanzi

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