Team Profile: The Adventure Dogs

Race Team Bio

The Adventure Dogs

The Adventure Dogs (Team #28)

  •  ShelterBox ShelterBox Fundraising: ?

  • From: South Hadley, MA

  • Category: Premier Division

  • Recent honors:
    • Six-time non-participants in the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 UNE races
    • Maxed out credit cards on first-time gear purchases

  • Scouting Report:
    [ pending ]

The Adventure Dogs Team Members

Kate Ballantine (Captain)

Clay Ballantine

Jason Andras

Dan Foster

Race team details

Goals for the race

Get to the starting line . . . Limit injuries to those that can heal within 6-8 months . . . ADVENTURE!!!

Previous Untamed New England Highlights

[ crickets ]

Team Inspiration

  • Lassie
  • Old Yeller
  • Under Dog!
  • Toto
  • Cujo


  • Range Rover dog mats for luxury cars
  • Frontlyme Tick Spray
  • Gastro Dog Anti Flatulent Dog Treats
  • Westover Kennel Club
  • Retriever Brand Retractable Dog Leashes
  • Dog Chow Brand Dog Chow
  • Hot Dog Meat Sausages (made from 100% mystery meat)
  • Feline Phobia - Anxiety meds for the nervous pup
  • Second Mortgage Veterinary Hospital
  • Squirrel! Toys for the energetic dog

Team Bio Notes

Watch out for The Adventure Dogs! ... Actually, yes please do look out for us! We’re mostly new to AR, but are excited to participate in UNE. Just getting to the starting line will represent a success for us since this endeavor has gotten us up and out and having fun. Everything that happens after the start of the race (or as we prefer to call it, the adventure) will be gravy!

Team provided images

Team provided images