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Adventure Enablers - Action First

Adventure Enablers - Action First (Team #11)

  •  ShelterBox ShelterBox Fundraising: ?

  • From: Saint Johnsbury, VT

  • Category: Premier Division

  • Recent honors: Members of the team have competed in the last two ARWS World Championships at XPD Australia and Cameco Cowboy Tough as well as several other Cowboy Tough finishes among the team. With nearly 20 years of combined adventure racing experience, they can frequently be seen wandering lost in the George Washington National Forest mumbling, "Glen, where are we....?"

  • Scouting Report:
    This team has competed in some tough expedition races these last few years, so they shouldn't feel too intimidated by anything Untamed New England throws at them. We sense The Force is strong with them, and so who knows -- maybe they'll be sampling that ice cold sponsor beer at the full course finish line on Saturday July 28th? (double blind, placebo-controlled studies repeatedly show ice cold sponsor beer at the end of an expedition race course is the best).

Adventure Enablers - Action First Team Members

Glen Gibson (Captain)

Travis Siehndel

Sarah Goldman

Mike Chaney

Race team details

Goals for the race

Our #1 goal is to have a great time while racing the full course. Packing a few secret weapons including perfectly-timed 5-hr Energy drinks, chamois cream and an in-house Mindset Coach, we intend to keep moving, pushing each through tough miles, and Grit it Out® through the sleep monsters!

Previous Untamed New England Highlights

None of us have previously race an Untamed New England but it's been a bucket list dream for many years. Can't wait to enjoy the beauty and wilderness of New England and leave some blood, sweat, and tears out on the course!

Team Inspiration

If you're going to be dumb, you better be tough. And when you're not tough, you better surround yourself with friends packing a tow rope.

Team Bio Notes

A Team Profile has not been completed by the team.