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MRC-MainNerve (Team #19)

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  • From: North America

  • Category: Premier Division

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MRC-MainNerve Team Members

Hagerman, S (Captain)

Rachel Furman

Rick Baraff

James Galipeau

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Mountain Race Company/MainNerve Rachel Furman Rachel started as a runner, became an avid mountain biker, and loves all things endurance and outside. Her favorite place to be is in the woods, especially with friends and a map. She loves the places that racing has taken her and cherishes the memories made. Rachel looks forward to continue racing and playing for as long as she can! Rick Baraff With over 15 years of expedition adventure racing experience in amazing races such as the Eco-Challenge, Primal Quest, the World Championships, Explore Sweden and more, Rick is a well-heeled “old coot” in the extreme sports world. When not racing AR or in ultras, he’s often found behind the camera filming them or other adventure sports for documentaries or television. His favorite discipline is easing into nice, cushy Transition Areas preferably on warm beaches. Rick currently resides in Dallas, TX where the unbearable heat substitutes for every kind of pain and suffering available in an adventure race. James Galipeau James has been adventure racing since 2004. He has competed in more than 30 multi-day adventure races, including 5 Adventure Racing World Championships and 4 podium finishes in Adventure Racing World Series events. James has also completed other ultra-endurance events, such as numerous ultra runs (up to 100 miles), the TransRockies mountain bike race (7 days), The Canadian Ski Marathon (100 miles), The K2O Paddling Race (100 miles), the Ultimate XC multi-sport challenge (3 days), the Summer Solstice 24hr MTB race, and The Pittsfield Snowshoe Marathon. His favorite races are the ones that are long and tough and full of great stories to tell afterwards. Shane Hagerman Shane is a multi-sport adventure athlete. He especially drawn to ultra endurance events in challenging terrain. Getting outside trekking, biking, and paddling - linking together interesting terrain features on a map is his passion. When he is not racing with teammates at the National and World Championship level, he is out training, putting together adventures and designing racecourses. Racing highlights over the last ten years include National podium finishes, a National Championship, second place (twice) at ARWS Belize, 17th at the World Championship in Wyoming and forging some incredible friendships. Facebook: Website:

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