Team Profile: Goose Adventure Racing

Race Team Bio

Goose Adventure Racing

Goose Adventure Racing (Team #62)

Goose Adventure Racing Team Members

Tim Ratowski (Captain)

Robert Feissner

Mort Nace

Timothy Howland

Race team details

Goals for the race

Start the race as friends and finish the race as friends.

Push to complete the entire course without missing any cutoffs.

Stay dry (HA!)

Previous Untamed New England Highlights

We endured sleep deprivation, hunger, and muscle soreness following the progress of the 2014 race from our computers at home. 2018 will be our first!

Team Inspiration

Adventuring outside is inspiration enough. But, when adventuring, avoid the roads. Roads are Poison.


RV&E and Buff.

Once, when getting food on the way to a race, we found an extra McDouble in one of the orders, so that makes McDonalds a third sponsor.

Team Bio Notes

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