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NYARA (Team #2)

  •  ShelterBox ShelterBox Fundraising: ?

  • From: Newburgh, NY

  • Category: Premier Division

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    In 2009, Amy, Rodney, and Jay were on the team that dramatically tied for 3rd place. That was the Great North Woods edition. Only one other US-based team has finished higher on the race podium since 2009 (DART nuun in 2012 finished 2nd), hence the #2 bib number this team is wearing. They've earned it.

    Additionally, Amy and Rodney have raced every Untamed New England event and their experience, along with that of their teammates, will count for a lot. These four are certainly a team to keep an eye on and could make their way onto the 2018 podium if things go their way.

NYARA Team Members

Rodney Villella (Captain)

Amy Bartoletti

Jay Zech

Pete Spagnoli

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Team NYARA has participated in every Untamed New England event and we are looking forward to the Abenaki Pursuit edition. As we all have been racing for over 20 years now, we will stick to our motto that "Slower is Faster".

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